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Family Financial Group, Inc.
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Life Insurance

FFGI represents a variety of different life carriers in order to meet the specific & individual needs of today's clients.

Solutions that can bring you financial peace of mind

One of the greatest risks facing investors today isn't dying too soon. It's living too long. Baby boomers are enjoying the best health and the longest life expectancy of any generation in history, and you need your income to last as long as you do. With health care costs rising at a substantial rate, you need to know that you can have access to the best medical care possible without risking the financial health of your spouse and your heirs.

Income Solutions

You can build tax-deferred funds for retirement and then receive income for the rest of your life or a specified period which all can be backed by the credit worthiness of an insurance company.

Estate Planning*

Life insurance can help your heirs pay any immediate expenses, such as estate taxes, and cover future needs. At Family Financial Group, Inc., we will perform a comprehensive assessment to determine how much insurance your family will need after you are gone.

Long Term Care Insurance

Health care costs could easily erode your entire life's savings. We can help you evaluate your finances to determine if you are a good candidate for long-term care coverage.

The key to successful investing is discipline. And an approach that provides the right balance between these two extremes can put you in a much better position emotionally-so you can stay the course and reach your goals successfully over the long-term.

Planning Early Can Make a Difference

Without a Map will you get where you want to go?

It's important to take the necessary steps to care for your wealth properly. Are you spending enough to meet long-term goals, such as retirement and college funding? Do you have enough life insurance to protect your loved ones? Although these issues may be most relevant later on in your life, addressing them early allows the power of compounding to work for you sooner and could make a huge difference in achieving your financial goals. If you don't create a road map toward reaching your goals, how will you get where you need to go? Ask us how we can help you, and we'll do our job to make the rest easy for you.

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Ken Anderson

Financial Services Representative
License Information: NPN# 335076

Street Address:
500 N. Holmen Drive, Suite 518
Holmen, WI 54636

Phone: (608) 399-1576
Fax: (608) 526-2407

Ben Bosshart

Financial Services Representative
License Information: NPN# 6496009

Street Address:
500 N. Holmen Drive, Suite 518
Holmen, WI 54636

Phone: (608) 399-1576
Fax: (608) 399-1576

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Kenneth Anderson and Ben Bosshart are Financial Advisers, dba Family Financial Group, Inc. Securities offered through Packerland Brokerage Services, Inc., an unaffiliated entity – member FINRA & SIPC

Ken Anderson is licensed in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky and Iowa. Ben Bosshart is licensed in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Georgia, South Carolina and South Dakota.

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